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Yoga, more than exercise, more than stretching?

Every day, more people are practicing Yoga and reaping the benefits of more energy, less stress, flexibility, strength and an a greater sense of calm and clarity.

Like many when I discovered yoga at 13 after my mum bought me a book by B.K.S Iyengar, it was to strengthen and further stretch my body for the purpose of dance. At this age I didn’t understand or appreciate the other benefits that it gave me; I don’t think I was conscious of how it made me feel.

Coming back to Yoga after battling a chronic illness for some years, that had resulted in poor mental health, lack of life focus, general feeling of hopelessness, pain, low energy, brain fog and a general feeling of being unwell, was like coming home to myself.

The guided asanas allowed my body to move and just be within myself, meeting my body where it was at, at that time…strong or weak, Low or high energy, discomfort or comfort.

The reminder to use Pranayama, to inhale and exhale filling my body deeply with air, saturating my blood and awakening the senses. Putting my body and mind in to rest and digest, stopped my heart palpitations, anxiety and general feeling of stress.

Very quickly the benefits of Yoga for me became very clear and into sharp focus- I was calmer, more emotionally ready for stress, rational, thoughtful, brain fog became less, heart palpitations stopped, pain was less in my body, I became more grateful for the body I was in and stopped resenting it because of the illness I had been living with for 6 years. I have named only a few personal benefits to practicing Yoga, but there are many more.

Yoga is the modification of thoughts and only one of the eight limbs is the asana practice.

Peace and light to you 🙏

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